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October Horror Movie Challenge

Since 2005, my group of friends will try to watch 31 horror movies in the 31 days of October. To make it easier to track and display our progress, I built a small, front-end only application that does just that.

This application will simply take a username and display the horror movies that the user has watched in any October, of any year. Here's what I watched in 2017.

Built with Vue, it's extremely easy to update and make changes to. Paired with Jest, I am able to make quick tests to make sure that my changes aren't breaking things.

Without a back-end server, I am able to host it for pennies a month on Amazon S3 as a static website. I also took advantage of its static nature by connecting it to Amazon CloudFront, to be the CDN for the site so that friends across the world can speedily access it.

In order to make deployments as painless as possible, I use Amazon CodeBuild as part of an Amazon CodePipeline to test and build the project, then deploy only the needed files to Amazon S3, where Amazon CloudFront will cache the files and distribute them worldwide.